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Gain virtual access to Steve and Tammi, your real estate pros, LIVE as they dig deeper into the Never Ending Referrals foundational database courses.

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We want to help you get the most from your database!

Let's explore the untapped opportunity that is available from your current Database.

  • This includes any business you closed with a person who had purchased with you previously as well as any business you closed through a referral.
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How Your Never Ending Referrals Membership

Helps You Grow Your Business With a Database of Any Size

Join the Never Ending Referrals community and get immediate access to courses, tools, resources, accountability groups, and expert coaches.

Never Ending Referrals is the only implementation program that shows you exactly how to grow your real estate business with referrals from your current database.

Foundational Courses

Building a great repeat and referral business starts with a strong foundation. Gain immediate access to our On-Demand courses with over 140 videos. Plus, LIVE sessions each month.

Expert Interviews

We’ve grown real estate businesses ourselves, and we’re not the only experts. Every month we bring you live interviews from agents who are growing in the current environment. We keep you learning practical tactics from the BEST!

Deep Dives

When you implement the processes from our foundational courses, you WILL see immediate results. AND we’re always digging deeper. Every month, we’ll bring you deeper dives into the best practices to keep you growing strong.

Never Ending Referrals Members

See a 10% Return on Their Database

Are you ready to get these kinds of results?



You will have…

  • Defined and Completed Your ONE THING

    that if completed each week, will transform your business.

  • Set up Your Maintenance Schedule

    so you don’t waste anymore time on old and outdated contacts.

  • Reset Your Mindset

    so nothing is holding you back from the growth that’s available to you!

  • Developed the Path

    that fits your style.

  • Discovered the Hidden Gems

    that are already in your database and how to uncover and connect with them.

  • Uncovered the One Conversation

    that’s always a home run.

  • Debunked the Myths

    about client events.

  • Practiced the Method

    that garners immediate response.

  • Mastered the Steps

    to building a reputation of trust.

  • Implemented the Framework

    that multiplies your efforts.


the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable revenue from the real estate business you LOVE. You’ll make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose when you work and how you do it.

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Here’s Where We Start LIVE Together


Here’s What You Get

Session 1: Setting the Foundation

First you’ll learn how the methods you’ve been using have been working against you. Then we’ll help you unearth what’s been holding you back from achieving everything that’s possible when you follow a process that’s proven to work.

Session 2: Who Am I Being For My Database

You don’t have to be someone else! During session 2, we’ll help you uncover the gifts you have to offer your database that maybe they don’t know about yet. We’ll break down all the misinformation about selling styles that work and those that don’t. And finally, we’ll help you develop a path that honors who you really are, so you can nurture your way to success that feels right to you.

Session 3: Business to Business and Social Media

Approaching other businesses and using social media can be downright scary! But we’re here to help you shift your thinking around how you approach these land mines of opportunity and how often you should do it to reach your goals.

PLUS, we’ll reveal the ONE conversation that’s a home run every time you use it!

Session 4: Client Event and Parties – It’s Not About the Party!

In session 4, we’re going to demystify events, so you don’t have to sweat what doesn’t grow your business. We’ll debunk the biggest myths you’ve learned over the years about parties and attendance. We’ll walk you through the different kinds of events that are working even during our current times. And we’ll brainstorm ways for you to show up and connect without breaking your bank, running around planning extravagant entertainment, or worrying about who is going to show up.

Session 5: Eight Touches to a Lasting Impression

We’ll quickly learn some marketing truths that set the stage for winning the mindshare battle. And we’ll set the foundation for your 10% return on your database.

Session 6: Becoming The Trusted Advisor and Local Economist of Choice!

We’re going to dig in and master the ultimate goal of building a powerful position as the Local Trusted Advisor so that your database audience will …

  • Ask You
  • Trust You
  • Listen to You

Session 7: Geo-Farming: The Other Database

In session 7, we’re going to identify how to multiply your impact by narrowing your target. We’ll give you the only 7 steps you need to build your reputation where it will give you the BEST ROI.

Session 8: Video Communication and Pulling it all Together!

Over the previous 7 weeks you will have built your foundation to finally grow the real estate business of your dreams. Now it’s time to pull it all together and put a face on it. This is where we work through time management, scheduling, and all the resources you’ll need to make your best year of growth possible.


After our initial 8 weeks of building your foundation for growth, you’ll have access to our community, Facebook page, and over 150 hours of live interviews, webinars, and other courses that set you up for continued success.


Access all the content (including the foundational courses) ON DEMAND, as long as you’re a member of the Never Ending Referrals Community.

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Deeya Tobek

My real estate business would not have survived last year without following the models outlined in NER.

Jean-Marie Minton

I think every new agent should take this course to establish great habits and every experienced agent should refresh their business with it. Not only do Steve Schlueter and Tammi Juengst cover the basics of what you need to know about building a solid business based on relationships, they are masters at bringing in established and successful agents who are always willing to share their best practices on building a business by referral.

Carolyn Connell

I loved the 5-star script. I’ve been using my own version of this for years to build my B2B database- this script takes it up at least 2 levels. Makes me actually look forward to making those calls!

The Dailey Group


Creating community in a socially distant environment.

Get practical ideas from Alyce and Seth Dailey at The Dailey Group for investing in relationships and generating referrals when most people are not attending in-person events.

To see the full interview, join the Never Ending Referrals community.

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How to Get a 10% Return on Your Database

It’s all about consistency and connection. When you serve your database well, on a regular basis, you’ll experience the growth you’ve always wanted. We’re here to tell you how.

  • 1


    Become a member of the Never Ending Referrals community for only $39 per month.

  • 2


    Learn the simple, proven process you can follow to connect with and serve your database.

  • 3


    When you follow the process, you’re only weeks away from seeing results you can feel.

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Join the Never Ending Referrals Community and Learn from the Best.

Steve Schlueter

Real Estate Agent. BOLD Coach. KW Maps Coach.
As an agent Steve sold as many as 100 homes a year and was recognized as one of the Top 20 RE/MAX agents in the State of Texas. After eleven years of sales Steve took on the role of Team Leader for a Keller Williams Market Center in Austin, Texas. Steve and his Leadership Team grew the office to 305 associates, and the office was recognized by Real Trends as the #4 Single Office in Closed Transactions in the USA. Today, Steve is an operating principal and multi market center owner.

Tammi Juengst

Real Estate Agent. BOLD Coach. KW Maps Coach.
Beginning her career as a single mom, Tammi “had to learn how to build a real estate business the RIGHT way & quickly.” And she was named Rookie of the Year her first year. As part of the Agent Leadership Council, Tammi taught classes to agents, which led to her coaching & educational journey. Today, Tammi is a KWU International Master Faculty Instructor, co-coach of Never Ending Referrals, and a KWU Approved Trainer. She and her husband Bruce also own Carolinas Educational Services (CES).



Let’s do the math.

10% of your database is moving EVERY SINGLE YEAR. You may not have secured the deal but someone did. How much revenue does that mean you’re missing right now? 

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