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Your Investment
$39/month (5 month minimum commitment)
The billing date for this program is on the 5th of every month. Your billing date will be adjusted to the 5th of the following month after your initial payment of the program.

This is a question everyone asks, even if they don’t say it out loud. And let me tell you, we get it! You could be investing in a LOT of different places. So, how do you know this is the right choice?

We’ve heard some amazing stories about people joining us for the first foundational session and changing their mindset, which changed their entire business. Others start seeing results once they start relaxing into who they truly are in Session 2.

You've already done the math to see how much income we believe you could make after 12 months of following the NER framework.

And the truth is, you’ll see an ROI on your investment here much sooner than that. With the average commission ranging somewhere between $5k - $7k, you need just one more sale to exponentially make your investment back. And we believe you’ll have that AND MORE at the end of our 8 week foundational courses, IF you do the work and follow the plan.

Even more than the money you'll make, this work is going to change how you feel and how you see the world and how you spend your time. And that’s going to start happening in just a couple of weeks. 

We hear this often. And we get it. We are all busy, busy, busy. With life, with work, with business, on Facebook, and everything in between.

Here’s what we would ask. Would it be worth it to you if we could show you ways to save you time while you grow your business? Would THAT be worth investing the time to focus and do the work to grow?

When you join Never Ending Referrals, we’re going to show you how to put things OFF your plate. We’re going to ask you to leave many things behind. We’re going to leave a lot of mindsets and worry and tasks that are NOT growing you or your business in the dust for good. And then we’re going to learn which activities will yield you the best results.

Are you ready to get rid of things? 

If you join us before October 5th, we’re going to walk the whole 8 week foundational journey with you, LIVE. We’ll go through one session each week in a one-hour webinar. And if you hang around, you’ll have an opportunity to ask us questions that we will answer during the Q&A time at the end of the session.

Outside of the 8 weeks of LIVE courses, we’re going to ask you to invest some time in doing the work. We’re going to show you what to do, and we’re going to give you templates and swipe files to make it easier for you. But we are still going to ask that you spend at least 2 hours per week working through the initial exercises.

If you follow this plan, we KNOW you’ll see results immediately. 

After that, you’ll have access to over 150 hours of webinars and expert interviews. You can search the library to find a topic that addresses exactly what you need in that moment.

You can also spend time in our online Facebook VIP group asking questions and collaborating with the community of other real estate agents just like you.

Once you join the Never Ending Referrals community, we will give you access to the VIP Facebook group. You can post questions you have or even share particular barriers you’re experiencing. 

Here are some examples of questions our community has helped answer in the past.


We absolutely can!
If you join us before October 5th, you’ll get the opportunity to walk the first 8 foundational weeks with us LIVE. And it’s the LAST time we’ll be doing that in 2020, so catch us while you can!

  • Foundational Courses: Here’s a link to an overview of the first 8 weeks of foundational instruction and the topics we’ll cover together. This is how we build the foundation from which you will launch your growth and create your never ending referrals.

  • Collaborative Community: You will also be added to our Facebook VIP group where you can access us AND all of our Never Ending Referrals members to ask your questions and find the resources you need to grow your business.

  • OnDemand Library: Gain access to over 150 hours of webinars, expert interviews, and other video training. We’ve recently covered topics like COVID Database Resources & Conversations, The New Networking, Winning with Sellers, 50 Facebook Sales in 50 Weeks. Our OnDemand Library means you’ll also have access to rewatch any of the foundational 8 sessions at ANY TIME!

  • Market of the Moment Scripts and other swipe files, so you aren’t starting anything in the program from scratch or trying to figure it out on your own.

  • Best practices in using the COMMAND system. How to tag and segment so you can execute your plan like clockwork.

  • Regular webinars to stay current as our environment keeps changing. The process doesn't change but sometimes the topics are new. And we provide a fresh perspective as we dig into the trenches with you every month.
Session 1: Setting the Foundation includes assessing your database opportunity, living the 4 laws, doing the database two, and grouping and tagging your database.
Session 2: Who are you Being is all about succeeding with YOUR natural behavior and value-added database conversations using F.O.R.D. and active listening.
Session 3. Business to Business & Social Media delves into B2B models to grow your database and a powerful social media strategy called C.A.R.E.
Session 4: Client Parties & Events - It’s Not About The Party! (including digital events)
Session 5: Eight Touches To A Lasting Impression is about capturing mindshare and gaining the vital 1st or 2nd position in the consumer's mind.
Session 6: Becoming the Trusted Advisor & Local Economist of Choice!
Session 7: Geo-Farming: The Other Database: We debunk the myths that it takes too long and cost too much!
Session 8: Video Communication & Putting It All Together: We explore video best practices and build your personalized plan and schedule for database success.

Once you're logged into your Online Portal account, scroll all the way down the page, past the Course Introduction and all the Livestream sessions, until you get to Session 1: Setting the Foundation.

Then Click "The 3% Crisis / Workbook / Downloads" video.

Once you click the video, you'll see a link to the workbook and downloads in the lower right corner of the page.

Note: The links to the workbooks are associated with this video only. Once you move to a different video, you will not see the links to the workbook any longer. To find the workbooks again, click on the first video in Session 1 again.