We did the math for you.

10% of your database is moving EVERY SINGLE YEAR. You may not have secured the deal but someone did. You can see here how much revenue you're missing right now.

We've provided you with two calculations. One is based on the 10% return every real estate agent should be getting from their database. The other, the 12:2 calculation, is based on true mastery of your database, which happens only after years of following the Never Ending Referrals process.

Take a moment to review your results and then watch the video below to dig into the meat of interpreting these results.

Gap Analysis Results

Let's explore the untapped opportunity that is available from your current database. Change the names in database, closed transactions, and average commission numbers to see how your opportunity can change.

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Interpret My Results

Here's the revenue we want to help you generate.

Here's an explanation from Tammi Juengst, MAPS coach and Never Ending Referrals founder, on what your results above can mean to your bottom line.

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