Barron’s Says It’s Time To Rent; Not So Fast!

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A recent headline from Barron’s suggested that it’s time to rent in some of our major markets. One of the things we talk about constantly here at Never Ending Referrals is being a person someone can trust to interpret the market. Today I’m going to share some thoughts on this topic from Gary Keller’s recent speech at Family Reunion and how you can use some of his information to make a different case than what some of the national pundits are making.


Feel free to watch the full video, or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

1:01 — Annual home price growth from 1990 to 2022

2:00 — My thoughts on renting in a market like San Antonio

3:00 — A closer look at mortgage rates and the perspective they offer

4:12 — Diving into affordability and how inflation has altered that perspective

6:12 — How home affordability has changed over the last 50 years

7:06 — A closer look at new home stats since 2005

8:30 — Why looking at market-specific stats gives you the best idea of affordability

9:25 — Wrapping things up


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