Is Fear Holding You Back?

Here’s how to step into courage and not let fear hold you back.

Everyone feels fear, but the question is, are you drawing away from something potentially harmful, or is fear just holding you back? In psychiatrist David Hawkins’ book, “Power vs. Force,” he talked about a ‘map of consciousness’ and says there are different levels of consciousness and energies associated with each level. They range from zero to 1,000, and fear is only at 100, a fairly low level. When we live in fear, we have anxiety about the future. 


The way to double your energy is to step into courage. At a 200 level of energy, your emotional state is one of affirmation. You look at life like, “I can do this!” and “This is feasible.” 


The life you want is just on the other side of courage.”


I like to think of courage as the empowerment zone. When we step into courage, we take action, and when we take action, it empowers us. Whether the outcome of that is great or not exactly what we desired, we learn along the way, and we can step into courage again and again. 


Ask yourself what fruitless activities you’re spending time on every day are holding you back in fear. Write that question down and consider it. If those activities aren’t producing the results you’re looking for and keeping you in fear, you just have to step into courage. Get excited that you can create the life of your dreams with just one step. 


Let that fear leave; you can do this. The life you want is just on the other side of courage.


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  1. Melissa O on May 25, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    Fruitless activities! I have more then a few of those that I need to get rid of! I use these activities as an excuse as to why I don’t get more done.

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